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For The Benchmarking Company’s 2016/2017 PinkReport: Ten-Year Beauty Benchmark—A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty, we take a look at how far beauty has evolved over the past decade, and what that evolution means to brands in terms of guiding marketing plans, devising customer acquisition strategies, and implementing loyalty programs. Covering everything from technology to the rise of social media to the impact of consumer reviews, this report compares the beauty consumers’ wants, needs, brand favorites, expectations and buying behaviors against those of ten years ago, as well as unveiling trends that we expect will have a major impact on beauty over the next decade. More than 300 brands were covered in this study, as well as every major retail distribution channel.

In part one of this article, we will get to know today’s beauty consumer, in particular—the specifics of how Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers differ in their attitude towards beauty.  In part two, we will explore how our beauty spending habits have evolved over the past decade and what is driving beauty spend today.  Part three will take a peek at what categories and brands are leading beauty today, and finally in part four, we will explore a few of the trends gearing up to shape beauty for the next ten years and beyond.  This four-part series includes charts, graphs, and beauty consumer data found nowhere else.

Read more of the story in the July/August issue of GCI: http://gcimagazine.texterity.com/gcimagazine/july_august_2017?ajs_aid=b761ca05-1b5e-4a3e-81fd-7af8a36f3325&pg=26#pg26

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