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Count On Claims

Claims have become a vital part of how brands communicate their benefits, results, and promises to consumers. But just how influential are claims to what consumers are buying, using, and seeking out? Turns out, very! We asked over 5,800 US female and male beauty and personal care consumers to share their thoughts on claims. Read on to find out which types of claims matter, the products benefiting most from claims, and more.

Key Stats

  • 86% of women/71% of men notice claims in beauty/personal care brand advertising and/or packaging
  • 89% of women/ 79% of men say that consumer claims are influential in their decision to purchase beauty/personal care products while more than 2 out of 3 women and 1 out of 2 men say claims impact their decision to buy more today than 5 years ago (54% of men)
  • 73% of women/62% of men have purchased a product as a result of reading a consumer claim on a package, in an advertisement or in an in-store display
  • The magic number of participants to make a study believable? Over 100.
  • For a claim to be believable, consumers believe claims percentages must be in the 80s or higher!

What Women and Men Look for in a Claim

Consumers are highly influenced by claims made by a panel of their peers who:

  • 97% of women/ 91% of men – have similar skin care concerns
  • 96% of women/ 89% of men – are their same age
  • 93% of women/ 88% of men – have similar cosmetics needs/grooming needs
  • 82% of women / 75% of men – are of the same ethnicity

Consumers Want Proof, Especially When Looking to Purchase These Products

Both men and women rely on claims when purchasing these products

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