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As the days get longer and temperatures begin to soar, our thoughts turn to SPF and sun protection.  To find out how consumers really feel about sunscreen and SPF products, we asked over 4,500 women to bare it all and tell us what they are seeking for safe – and fun – sun exposure.

To tan or not to tan? These days, over-baking is out. 

  • Just a hint of color is what is hot -only 47% want a slight tint of tan
  • Instead, 25% want a classic golden tan
  • And 16% prefer rosy cheeks and a pink glow!

A tan is nice, but healthy skin is nicer.

  • 85% are willing to pay more for products with SPF
  • 85% are concerned about sun damage to their face
  • 80% are  concerned about sun damage on their body
  • 40% no longer ‘lay out’ to get their golden glow

Multi-tasking beauty products with SPF are a must.

  • 93% use or buy skincare with SPF
  • 76% prefer their skincare products to have an SPF/sunscreen
  • 70% use or buy moisturizer with SPF
  • 69% use or buy foundation with SPF

Anti-aging skincare and sunscreen go hand-in-hand

  • 80% of women believe anti-aging skincare should have SPF
  • 59% say it’s important for their anti-aging skincare to contain SPF
  • 53% wear SPF on their face daily

Why she prefers skincare with SPF to traditional sunscreens or sunblock:

  • 73% prefer skincare with SPF because it’s easily added to her daily routine
  • 70% like the blend of skincare benefits and sun protection
  • 62% prefer the texture (not sticky/tacky)

…And why she doesn’t:

  • 63% prefer traditional products because they can be sweat or waterproof
  • 52% because they offer different levels of SPF
  • 41% because they believe sunscreens are more powerful

Suncare 2.0 – she wants innovations!

  • 73% are very interested in UV protection for the scalp
  • 48% would like a short-term (2 day) self-tanning product that also offers SPF 30+
  • 36% would like to try an or oral or ingestible that blocks damaging UV rays

Build a better block: top qualities for skincare with SPF

  • 74% say it’s very important that it’s not sticky or tacky
  • 69% that it doesn’t look white or streaky
  • 64% that it’s long-wearing

She understands the ABC’s of sun care…sort-of.

  • 64% know the difference between products with SPF and sunscreen but…
  • Only 35% realize sun spots are caused/ worsened by sun exposure
  • 23% aren’t sure they know sunscreens from sunblock

Based on a survey of 4,597 women.  Conducted in March 2016.

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