3.17 Beauty is her Beat: Inside the Hearts and Minds of the Beauty Enthusiast

January 15, 2018 9:03 pm Published by

The ultimate beauty lover—she goes by many names: beauty junkie, beauty enthusiast, beauty diva, beauty queen. But whatever you call her (or him!), there are several facts about this uber-beauty consumer that are undeniable:  she loves the role beauty plays in her life, she’s attached to her favorite brands, and when it comes to her attitude towards beauty purchases, less is definitely not more. Indeed her appetite for beauty information, tutorials, articles, advertisements, videos, samples, and products is growing and…quite simply; this beauty enthusiast cannot get enough.  She is eager for what your brand has to share, tell, show, and most importantly, sell.

But who is this beauty mega-force?  Is she a Gen Xer with the cash to spare to afford her habit? Or is she the baby boomer who helped put some of today’s leading brands on the map with her support? Turns out, today’s beauty champion is everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers.  Beauty enthusiasts are women aged 18 – 60+ who love the role beauty plays in their lives, have a strong emotional attachment to their beauty brands, and who are not afraid to show it, by wearing and using a vast amount of products, and by dedicating a large proportion of their discretionary budgets to beauty purchasing.

Read the rest of the story in the March 2017 issue GCI: http://gcimagazine.texterity.com/gcimagazine/march_2017?ajs_aid=b761ca05-1b5e-4a3e-81fd-7af8a36f3325&pg=28#pg28

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