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The Benchmarking Company’s Latest Study* Shows that Women Stepped Out of their Beauty Comfort Zones in 2014 and it Paid Off!  They’re Ready to Buy 2015’s Hot New Beauty Offerings.

Her Beauty Buying is anything but Routine

  • 79% of consumers purchased a beauty product in the past year that was out of their typical comfort zone.
  • 59% of women say the new products they bought changed their lives in a positive way.
  • Over half of all consumers say that they will try anything once, especially if it’s on sale!
  • 35% of women say they try new beauty products as often as the can, even if it stretches her budget.

Confidence Trumps Efficacy in her “WOW” Product of 2014

Trying an “out of her comfort zone” new product gave her more of an emotional boost than addressing her beauty concerns.

  • 53% of women said a new product she tried made her feel more confident
  • 44% of women touted “it made me feel good”
  • 39% of women said it made her skin or hair feel healthier
  • 32% said the new product solved her particular beauty issue

Women are Most Likely to Jump Outside their Comfort Zone with Products in These Categories:

  1. Makeup
  2. Facial Skincare
  3. Hair Care

Women are Least Likely to Jump Outside their Comfort Zone with Products in These Categories:

  1. Sunscreen/Suncare
  2. Beauty Ingestibles
  3. Intimate Personal Care

Magazines, Specialty Stores, and the Internet are her Go-to Beauty Information Sources

Women most often learn about new beauty products from:

  • Magazines (51%),
  • Specialty Beauty stores (48%)
  • Beauty Blogs (46%)
  • Sampling Companies (41%) and
  • Social Media Sites (41%).

Fast is Everything, She’ll Often Forego Quality for Time

  • Women don’t want to spend more than 10-20 minutes on any of their facial skincare, makeup, haircare or bath & body routines
  • 90% of women find a product that is “fast acting (7 days) with decent results” to be somewhat to very important as a product attribute
  • Only 75% of women say they want for “a product that works within 28 days but yields fantastic results”

Positive Consumer Claims Influenced Her to Try the New Product

  1. Reading Great Consumer Claims from Women Like Me was the #1 cited ‘greatest influencer’ on her decision to purchase a product that she was initially hesitant about buying.
  2. Coupons and special offers
  3. Impulse buy

Winners!  Her 2014 Top “Life-Changing” Beauty Brands and Product Categories include:

  • L’Oreal, Clarisonic, Bare-Minerals, Garnier and Olay are considered top innovators
  • BB Creams paved the way as the most innovative and life-changing product category on the market
  • Benefit Cosmetics’ ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara was the top cited specific brand and product that changed her life in 2014

Beauty Tools, Devices and Makeup Top her 2015 Wish List

Products She Wants to try in 2015, top responses included:

  1. Laser hair removal
  2. Airbrush makeup/foundation
  3. Mineral makeup/foundation

Barriers to Trying Brands and Products on her 2015 Wish List

  • 54% High expense
  • 36% Need to try a Sample First
  • 13% Don’t know enough about it/how to use it

*The Benchmarking Company surveyed 1,033 U.S. female consumers for this study.  Some questions were asked with “check all that apply” and therefore, percentages do not equal 100% for some questions.

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