The Tools of His Trade

January 15, 2018 9:03 pm Published by

The male grooming industry is on fire and all signs show that it is not going to slow down. From razors to hair pomades, men are spending increasingly larger amounts of cash on personal care and grooming products. What are his top grooming habits, which products is he using most often in front of the bathroom mirror, and what is on his must-have list this holiday season? The Benchmarking Company polled a sampling of men across the U.S. in November 2015 to find out.

What He’s Buying

He shops for grooming items on a monthly basis with his top five regular monthly purchases being deodorant, shampoo, shaving cream, face wash and facial moisturizer. Certain influencers woo him to purchase one product over another with 88% stating that the smell of a product is most important and 76% make a purchasing decision based on product functionality.

He’s all about his personal care and enjoys making most of his purchases for himself. The top five items he buys for himself include: razors (84%), deodorant (81%), shaving cream (75%), shampoo (70%), and electronic hair grooming products (67%).

pba_barber_tools_sizedHis Daily Routine

Personal care is part of his daily routine. Ninety percent of men shared that his top grooming habit is shaving, while 73% trim excess hair in and around the nose and ears. He focuses on the details and likes to keep his grooming neat with 72% trimming facial hair neatly and 71% using liquid soap in the shower rather than a bar of soap.

His Holiday Wish List

Men’s Grooming gift boxes were noted as a top gift by 84% of men surveyed. He likes receiving gift sets so much that he purchases them for others too, with 60% of men saying they’ve purchased a grooming gift box for their fathers and 41% have bought a set for friends. Men from all walks of life are getting their groom on, and this holiday, he’s wanting personal care items that will keep him looking good through every season.

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