9.16 A Consumer Love Affair with All Things Beauty by TBC on September 13, 2016

Her Obsession with Beauty Products Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: A comparative look at yesterday’s and today’s beauty trends, influencers and behaviors, and predictions of trends for the next decade.

Purpose of the Report:

The 2016 PinkReport provides a detailed look at the US female beauty consumer benchmarked against data collected in TBC’s original PinkReport issued in 2006. The online survey was completed by 2,747 female beauty consumers who have used beauty products within the past 12 months. The comprehensive survey instrument, included 56 indepth questions, and was developed based on exploratory psychometric and demographic questions.

Research Execution

  1. US Women, Vetted Beauty Buyers
  2. Ages: 18-70
  3. Online Fielding
  4. May – August 2016

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