BW Confidential March 2016 by TBC on May 27, 2016

Lip products are enjoying a boom says Urban Decay’s Engrand, who predicts the category will continue to be popular in the coming year as brands bring out new innovations in textures and packaging. “Each year there are new things with lacquers, mattes, semi-mattes, powders, glitters and shimmers,” he comments.

The Benchmarking Company’s Jenn Stansbury says there is always room for innovation in the category, with women owning on average 12 lip products. She says brands are capitalizing on this by offering bundles of lip gloss, lip stay or lip stain products, whic seem to be doing well in retail. “Women pick the color of their lipsticks based on their moods or where they are going at a particular time of the day, so brands cannot only sell in one, but offer a complete package to cover every mood,” comments Stansbury.

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