10.17 How to Craft Winning Claims: TBC in BIR Online

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On Sunday, July 9th The Benchmarking Company conducted a sold-out session at the at Cosmoprof NorthAmerica’s Entrepreneur Academy, entitled “Best Practices for Crafting Claims that Sell Beauty Products.”

For beauty and personal care brands, consumer testing is a vital part of building a successful product that deeply resonates with consumers, and that delivers all the benefits and results they are seeking.  The marketing claims stemming from these tests can help make or break a product line—in addition to providing the important “proof” that both men and women seek before contemplating the purchase of a beauty or personal care product.

What is a BPT and Why is it Important (To Your Brand)

Beauty or Personal Care Product Testing (BPTs) involve sending either a prototype or a product that is conditionally approved for in-market commercialization and has undergone appropriate safety and stability testing to a defined panel of target consumers. BPTs are also appropriate tests to send fully-branded products for review, even if they’ve been on the market for some time.

This highly targeted panel uses the product – according to specific usage instructions – for a given time period, and then assesses their experiences with the product at various intervals throughout the trial. This type of testing reveals emotional connections to products and brands—as well as efficacy claims—which are valuable tools for any marketing team.

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