Survival of the Prettiest – Face and Body Skin Care (2007)


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Survival of the Prettiest: Face and Body Skin Care, 2007
102 pages
In-depth survey of 2,200 American women

Let’s face it: we’re all getting older and our skin care products promise to plump, fill, firm and tone, replenish and renew us. We feel a personal and emotional connection to these magical elixirs which give us hope that we’ll remain forever young and vital.

So much has changed in skin care in just one year. From a beauty ideology that has gone from cover-up to corrective, and with talk of “50 being the new 30,” we’re seeing that women of all ages use face and bath & body skin care products in abundance, using at least 1-2 more skin care products than they did last year. There are different sales channel leaders than there were a year ago. Brands that weren’t on our top 10 lists last year are now in her top 10 favorites. We’re seeing trends that focus on the emergence of inside-out beauty, the rise of natural and organic products, the sea change in SPF acceptance, as well as the ever-growing (and ever-younger) world of anti-aging beauty consumers.

Survival of the Prettiest – Face and Body Skin Care presents a comprehensive and fascinating look at what women want in skin care products, what they’ll buy and why. This Pink Report™ will help you develop products that will support and delight her by knowing what triggers her beauty buying habits, what’s happening in her personal life, and how she intimately connects with the concept of beauty and with people


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