Get in-depth once-a-year research reports focused on why women buy certain products, how she feels emotionally toward them, and what you can do differently to persuade her to buy YOURS. The yearly PinkReports focus on trends in the industry and how she relates to them (or not), and have included “Age of Naturals,” “Beauty and the Blog,” “Women and Walmart,” “Nailed: The Allure of Nail Color,” and our popular brand buyers guides, as examples. These must-read reports are industry standards and a fixture on smart marketers’ bookshelves. Now available – the 2015 PinkReport: The Sephora Shopper! Shop and download your reports instantly!

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    The Sephora Shopper
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    Nailed – The Allure of Nail Color
  • Reports-LetsGetEmotional-Cover-lg-500x647
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    Let’s Get Emotional-Using Emotional Science to Segment the US Beauty Consumer
  • Report-WomenandWalmart-Cover-lg-500x647
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    Women and Walmart – Seeing Through the Eyes of the Beauty and Personal Care Consumer
  • Report-TheAgeoftheNaturals-Cover-lg-500x375
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    The Age of Naturals
  • Report-BeautyandtheBlog-Cover-lg-500x375
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    Beauty and the Blog