The Wellness Connection Infographic Series #6 10.17

The Wellness Connection Whether looking to combat a specific skin concern, feel overall healthier, or bolster an existing routine, wellness products, such as aromatherapy oils, probiotics, and beauty ingestibles are a growing part of the beauty consumer’s regimen.  And while consumers have numerous reasons why they enjoy using wellness products, almost universally they first began […]

The Amazon Phenomenon Infographic Series #5 8.17

How Does One Describe Omnipresent? Online giant? How about beautiful? Last month, TBC spent some time delving into the statistics behind online shopping, and what drives women to forgo brick and mortar purchases in favor of a one-click offering. In particular, we asked women all over the country to talk to us about Amazon, […]

Multicultural Beauties Speak Out: Infographic Series #4 5.17

This month, TBC spent some time chatting about beauty with US women from a wide variety of ethnicities, and the results were eye-opening. We learned how this underserved population shops, what products she buys, and her top beauty needs and concerns. Knowing how to reach this important consumer in the growing age of personalized and […]

Subscription for Beauty: Infographic Series #3 4.17

Fancy a handful of new beauty samples every month? Well take heed—today, there’s a subscription box for that, and it turns out, consumers can’t get enough. Whether it’s the allure of deluxe sized beauty products or a blend of beauty, lifestyle, and food—consumers are digging what beauty boxes deliver to their mailboxes each month. Read […]

Bloggers, Vlogs and Beauty, Oh My! Infographic series #2 3.17

The meteoric rise of beauty bloggers and vloggers is a shooting star that doesn’t seem to be in danger of burning out. From industry staples, like Michelle Phan, to lesser known writers and video mavens making their mark one mascara swipe at a time, there’s no denying that consumers are keen on beauty bloggers and […]

Post-Holiday Detox-Consumers Share their Goals: Infographic Series #1 1.17

Take a deep breath, hold, then let it out slowly.  That’s right, 2016 is finally over and we’re ready to start anew.  With the New Year, optimistic men and women resolve to take the health of their skin and bodies to a whole new level.  Beauty and personal care brands that understand what consumers are […]

Beauty for a Cause Infographic Series #7 12.16

Brands that support social and philanthropic causes are on the upswing, and with good reason. They stand up for social issues nearly everyone is interested in supporting, and they let consumers join them on their journey. To find out just how important for-cause brands and products are to consumers (and they are), we chatted with […]

Holiday Shopper Plans to Buy it All: 2016 Infographic Series #8

No Grinch here.  Both men and women indicate they spend more than $100 on their spouse for the holidays. From beauty products to clothing, gift cards and technology, this year’s holiday shopper plans to buy it all. *3624 83% expect to purchase beauty products for others and possibly even for themselves 79% will purchase clothing […]

Hot For Home Shopping! 2016 Infographic Series #6

Boasting a diverse, ever-growing array of products and the starting point for some of today’s hottest brands, home shopping is a $13B a year (and growing) powerhouse.  Beauty products represent about ___% of all products sold at QVC, HSN, and EVINE, that’s more than $2B in sales per year. To find out about today’s home […]

How Does Her Garden Grow? 2016 Infographic Series #5

Natural and organic – catchy buzz words or the way of the future?  Turns out, possibly a bit of both.  Beauty consumers are keenly interested in the benefits of using natural and organic products, and are open to more education and awareness as to why these types of products are so important. To dig deeper, […]